Mary Pope Osborne
Illustrated by Troy Howell
Scholastic, New York, 1988, English
ISBN: 9780590413381
Retells twelve tales from Greek mythology, including the stories of King Midas, Echo and Narcissus, the Golden Apples, and Cupid and Psyche.
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Amanda Dameron

I received this book for my 11th birthday, at the height of my infatuation with mythology. The inscription reads: “To Amanda—I couldn’t find this in Latin or Greek, which I know you would have preferred”—this a gentle joke at my expense, as this was the same year I started as a first-year Latin student and let’s say I didn’t quite have a shining aptitude for conjugating dead-language verbs. In any case, this is a much-beloved book and one that always reminds me that though the subject matter has changed, I remain the same reader.

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