Rohinton Mistry
Alfred. A. Knopf, New York, 1996, English
ISBN: 9780679446088

A portrait of India between 1975 and 1984 featuring four characters. Two are tailors who are forcibly sterilized, one is a student who emigrates, and the fourth is a widowed seamstress who decides to hang on. A tale of cruelty, political thuggery, and despair by the Toronto-based Indian author of Such a Long Journey (1991).

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Coralie Bickford-Smith
Dominique Browning

I am lost in a FABULOUS novel by Rohinton Mistry, A Fine Balance, about India in the “state emergency” under Indira Gandhi. Gorgeous, riveting, stunning. If you haven't read it. . . . 19th century novel meets 21st century. —May 2011.

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