Edmund White
Bloomsbury, New York, 2008, 2001, English
Nonfiction, General
ISBN: 9781582341354

From the Publisher. Acclaimed writer Edmund White, who lived in Paris for 16 years, wanders through the avenues and along the quays, into parts of the city virtually unknown to visitors and indeed to many locals, luring the reader into the fascinating and seductive backstreets of his personal Paris.

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Ken Carbone

“A flâneur is a stroller, a loiterer, someone who ambles through a city without apparent purpose but is secretly attuned to the history of the place and in a covert search for adventure, aesthetic or erotic.” That’s White’s definition and I wonder how I can sign up for the job. If you have been to Paris, this book is like a sensorial guide that brings you back to the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feeling of this great city. If you plan to visit Paris in your lifetime, buy this book first and discover places that are off the beaten path.

Glenn Pushelberg
Paris has always been a city that interests me, with its seemingly endless cornucopia of establishments all rich in personality and culture and strewn amongst each districts and rolled into one urban center. This book captures the curious confusion and enjoyment of moving and weaving through this tourist mecca that has remained a very authentic and local-centric city.
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