Jon Wozencroft
Neville Brody
Universe (Rizzoli), New York, 2001, 1988, English
Nonfiction, Graphic Design
ISBN: 9780789306531
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Rick Poynor

In 1988, when this arrestingly titled book came out, Brody was a phenomenon: admired, envied and resented for his precocious success—a retrospective at one of the world’s major museums and a career monograph for a designer barely into his 30s. Twenty-three years later, the book is still in print and Brody, after a long period of working quietly, is once again in the public eye. The book remains a unique graphic document of its moment in the postmodern 1980s when design and style were inseparably linked and a new kind of graphic design star was emerging. There is rich material here—both images and text—for critical reevaluation.

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