Dennis Bernstein
Sandra Brownlee
EarSay, Purchase, NY, 1987, English
Poetry; Nonfiction, General
ISBN: 9780961387112

From the Publisher. GRRRHHHH: A Study of Social Patterns is a 464 page extended visual fugue (printed in dozens of colors) based on the long forgotten but pivotal animals of the earth, first discovered between the warp and weft of the hand loom of artist/weaver Sandra Brownlee-Ramsdale. After scanning Sandra’s eight weavings into a computer-paint program, the stories of the animals began to animate themselves to Lehrer in odd and mysterious ways. The book, divided into six movements, illuminates the evolutionary and social patterns of these mythological creatures, beginning with the birth of the universe as we know it, the formation or creation of the first animal Grrrhhhh, a rather dog-like creature, and ending with the question of cohabitation (survival) or mutual destruction. Meet the first underwater creature Walazool, the first birds Theasia and Uniliv, and the nomadic land-based Roka clan with their golden rods. Also, read a near-definitive list of animal expressions from albatross around his neck to worming his way out of it; as well as chants and stories by Dennis Bernstein, aided by a complete glossary of newly discovered words and phrases.

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