viction:ary, Hong Kong, China, 2012, English
Nonfiction, Graphic Design
7 x 9.3 inches, lenticular cover, 240 pages
ISBN: 9789881943835
Suggested Retail Price: $40.00

From the Publisher. In a world glutted with mass-produced products, consumers no longer settle for machined quality. While everyday communications have been augmented by digital interactivity, some designers see the value of establishing dynamic dialogues between printed communications and human activity in real life.

Zeroing in on print projects, Hands On is the first book to give fascinating insights into a realm of real-life artifacts that all invite participation and play. With materials as simple as paper and wood, these nearly 100 examples of corporate stationery and events ephemera stand out for the designers’ painstaking efforts to elicit user responses and resourcefulness by developing interactive components. Blow up a letter, solve a puzzle, erect a forest, play a sound—each featured project reveals a distinctive aspect of interactivity with a riveting taste of discovery, creation, and surprise, available at the touch of a user’s hand.

For a total experience, Hands On asks readers to match up the showcased projects with descriptions separately printed as stickers to complete the book.

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