Florian Hufnagl
Rüdiger Joppien
Peter Schmitt
ARNOLDSCHE Art Publishers, Stuttgart, Germany, 2010, English and German
Nonfiction, Product/Industrial Design
9.6 x 11.7 inches, hardcover, 304 pages, 313 illustrations
ISBN: 9783897903234
Suggested Retail Price: $85.00

From the Publisher. Hans-Theo Baumann lastingly shaped postwar design in the Federal Republic of Germany. His incisive designs are everywhere: in our kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms in the form of furniture, tableware, glass and cutlery. Distinguished by clarity of line, the objects he designed are as functional as they can be. His designs have been realised worldwide by leading businesses and, in his capacity as president of the Federation of German Industrial Designers, he has had a formative influence on how design is practised as a profession.

The present publication closes a gap to provide as comprehensive a survey as possible of the many designs submitted by Hans-Theo Baumann in a wide variety of fields: porcelain, pottery, furniture, lighting, glass, cutlery and tableware, textiles, plastics, and wood. Embark on a voyage of discovery to the origins of our present-day utilitarian objects.

Collaborated with (selected): Porcelain: Rosenthal, Hutschenreuther, Thomas, Arzberg, Schönwald, Limoges, KPM Glass: Gral-Glas, Süssmuth, Rheinkristall, Ruhrglas, Daum Ceramics: Karlsruher Majolika Furniture: Vitra, Stoll, Domus, Knoll, Wilde + Spieth Cutlery: Rosenthal, Hepp (on-board cutlery Singapore-Airlines), Schönwald (service Lufthansa)

A publication dealing with outstanding design in everyday use. Baumann views design in industrially mass-produced objects as art that makes itself useful.

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