Elizabeth Burris-Meyer
W. Helburn, Inc., New York, 1938, English
Nonfiction, Art and Cultural History

The 30 plates feature 150 color samples inked directly with rollers on heavy paper, cut and mounted for this edition. The historical styles include Egyptian, Cretan, Greek, Italian Renaissance, English Victorian, American sampler, Modern (Gauguin), and others.

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Abbott Miller

The author ingeniously distills the history of art into 30 amazing color sets such as “Indian,” or “Italian Renaissance,” and provides a one-page narrative for each. The “system” is so disarmingly broad and intuitive, but the magic of the book is that the colors the author chooses are mind-blowingly good. Small silk-screen chips show the color in proportionate quantities. Amazing. If you see this book at any price, buy it. (She did another volume, c. 1948, called Modern Color Guide, which takes on specific and inventive schemes for contemporary interiors.)

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