Gael Greene
Grand Central Publishing, New York, 2007, English
Nonfiction, General
ISBN: 9780446695107

From the Publisher. In 1968, Gael Greene became restaurant critic of the fledgling New York Magazine. She had never written a restaurant review in her life, but she was a passionate foodie, and dining in great restaurants on someone else’s dime was too enticing to resist. Thus began a remarkable career charting the restaurants that changed the way Americans ate, the chefs who turned cooking into an art form, and the food and wines that launched a culinary revolution. Gael is convinced that food and sex are inextricably linked, and in this exuberant account of her adventures in sensuous excess, she takes readers on a joyride from the world's best tables, to naughty dinners with Craig Claiborne and then to bed with the men she couldn’t resist. The recipes she includes reflect the decades.

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Penny Drue Baird

My total food guru, I have followed Gael since I was a pup. For me, there is simply no one like her. Reading this book was a fun romp and I laughed aloud many times. A must for foodies.

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