Joseph Delteil
Grasset, Paris, 2011; originally published 1925, French
Nonfiction, General

 Initially rejected by the editor of La Croix and Catholics everywhere, Jeanne d'Arc is the strange biography of a human Joan of Arc, a Daughter of France who fearlessly loves, hopes, curses, and even fails. 

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Christian Lacroix

Jeanne d’Arc (1925) is the only book by the French surrealist author Delteil that has been translated into English. He wrote 33 books and worked on the script for Carl Dreyer’s famous film The Passion of Joan of Arc (1927). I love everything Delteil wrote, because of the poetry of his prose, his way with words, and his unique use of language. His work inspired me when I discovered it in 1969, and has been a source of enchantment ever since.

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