Patti Smith
Ecco, New York, 2011, 2010, English
Nonfiction, General
ISBN: 9780066211312
On 3 book lists
Glenn Pushelberg

This epic love story about Ms. Smith’s infamous relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe is fascinating and entertaining. Although they were young and they led reckless lives together in New York City’s grittiest days, this book is truly a gentle memoir of the genuine respect and love she felt for Mapplethorpe’s wild unrelenting creative psyche and ability to push boundaries that remain iconic and inspiring.

Galia Solomonoff

A painful and lovingly written story about young creative talent struggling to survive in New York and making it! It makes me pause every time I see a twenty-something counting change to pay for anything. Most of the narrative happens in Chelsea in the 1980s. Where was the drug-ridden Alberton Hotel? I must find out…

Rudy VanderLans
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