Edgar Morin
Fayard, Paris, 2011, French
Nonfiction, General
ISBN: 9782213655604

From the Publisher. The (spaceship) Earth moves full speed ahead on a path with three faces: globalization, westernization, and development. The unification of the world’s technology and economy corresponds with the planet’s ethnic, religious, and political conflicts. Where is the world heading? Toward an uninterrupted progress? Toward a chain of disasters? Edgar Morin examines a variety of paths that might lead the world toward an even more shocking metamorphosis than that of historic hunter-gatherers to current day societies.

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Pierre Bernard

The French sociologist and philosopher Morin, who is in his early 90s, is the author of On Complexity, among many other books. In his latest book, La Voie (published in 2011), the title of which translates as The Way: For the Future of Humanity, he pleads for a new way of analyzing global issues, one that doesn’t take for granted the very notion of progress. As far as he is concerned, transdisciplinarity is the only methodology that will help us solve the present crisis—a conviction most graphic designers would support!

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