Jan Conradi
RIT Press, Rochester, NY, 2014, English
Nonfiction, Graphic Design
6 x 9 inches, paperback, 176 pages, 74 illustrations, some color
ISBN: 9781939125071
Suggested Retail Price: $34.99

Lella and Massimo Vignelli: Two Lives, One Vision is a portrait of two important 20th-century designers whose careers intertwined since the 1950s. The Vignellis promote a modernist philosophy of designing for a better society: resourceful use of space and materials, clear communication, lasting quality, and logical functionality.

Through a mix of archival research and personal interviews with Lella, Massimo, and their many colleagues and clients, Jan Conradi documents the Vignellis’ nuanced approach to “cleaning up” an often chaotic and messy society by adhering to a minimalist and structured design method.

The Vignellis’ lifetime commitment to a world of design is marked by vibrant client relationships and unwavering attention to detail. With wit, grace, focus, and finesse, the Vignellis’ sustained pattern of working and living has influenced, and continues to inspire, generations of designers worldwide.

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