Bruno Foucart
Jean-Louis Gaillemin
Editions Norma, Paris, 1998, French
Nonfiction, Interior Design
ISBN: 9782909283432

The volume (Decorators of the 1940s) Includes a 50-page illustrated essay, “Le style 40: Un moment de grace pour l'art francais,” (“1940s Style: A Moment of Grace in French Art”)  and more than 300 color illustrations featuring the work of French designers of furnishings of the 1940s, including Jacques Adnet, André Arbus, Dupre-Lafon, Serge Roche, Emilio Terry, and others.

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Ernest de la Torre

The French decorators and architects of the 1920s are best known, but there is just as much talent in this group from the 1940s.

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