Wole Soyinka
Edizioni del Bradipo, Lugo, Italy, 2005, English

Collection of brief and striking poems, issued on the occasion of Wole Soyinka’s 71st birthday, in which which the Nigerian poet celebrates nature and its beauty. Translated by Armando Pajalich, edited by Marco Fazzini; edition of 1,000 copies, 60 of which include a cover drawing by Giuseppe Sciacca.

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Cleto Munari

This is the first book of Wole Soyinka’s poems ever published in Italy and was written for me. When Soyinka decided to dedicate these poetical fragments to me, I understood what simplicity and clarity of thought mean. I would like to have his wise and clear vision on things and history, but it’s more than enough for now to know that our lives have met at some stage. My friend and translator Marco Fazzini has managed to produce a wonderful book out of those fragments and ideas.

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