Elizabeth Meredith Dowling
Foreword by Marc Appleton
Rizzoli International Publications, New York, 2013, English
Nonfiction, Architecture
12 x 10 inches, hardcover, 240 pages, 220 color photographs
ISBN: 9780847833856
Suggested Retail Price: $60.00

From the Publisher. A must-have for lovers of traditional or southwestern-inspired residential design, Michael G. Imber: Ranches, Villas, and Houses reveals the beauty of building from the rich architectural traditions of the desert southwest and Mexico. A master of traditional forms derived from these regions, particularly of his native Texas, Michael G. Imber begins each of his designs by considering the land through watercolors and then develops his ideas in relation to climate and local historical references. The result is an array of ranches and houses that evokes the rural building traditions of the west, that is unafraid of the delights of classical ornamentation, and that is nonetheless wholly modern in its execution. Here, in the first monograph devoted to the architect’s work, is a collection of masterful residential projects ranging in scale from bungalows to sprawling ranches, all presented in large-format photographs and accompanied by Imber’s extraordinary watercolor studies.

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