Robin Kinross
Hyphen Press, London, 2004; originally published 1992, English
Nonfiction, Graphic Design
ISBN: 9780907259183

From the Publisher. A brisk tour through the history of Western typography, from the time (c. 1700 in France and England) when it can be said to have become "modern." A spotlight is directed at different cultures in different times, to trace the developments and shifts in modern typography. Attention is given to ideas, to social context, and to technics, thus stepping over the limited and tired tropes of stylistic analysis. This is a reprint of the second edition, which has some variations in the pictures as well as corrections and updatings in the text.

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Rick Poynor

Kinross is perhaps the most acute and interesting writer on typography working in English and this survey of typographic history, from 1700 to the present, is a classic account. Modern Typography’s European manner of design fully embodies the text’s principles: well made, light in weight, a pleasure to carry and hold, and eminently readable. Kinross handles the visual examples with exemplary restraint and provides fine discursive captions. First published in 1992 by Kinross’s Hyphen Press, the book was revised in 2004; the second edition is the obvious one to go for, but devotees of this publisher’s meticulously crafted output will want both.

Erik Spiekermann

Kinross is one of the best writers on typography and also the man behind Hyphen Press. I buy all Hyphen’s books unseen.

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