Chas Williams
Chas Williams, 2005, English
Nonfiction, General
ISBN: 9780963090676

From the Publisher. In the late 50's, Neil Matthews devised a musical number system for the Jordanaires to use in the studio. Charlie McCoy and fellow studio musicians began adapting Matthews' number system into chord charts. The Nashville Number System has evolved into a complete method of writing chord charts and melodies—combining Nashville shorthand with formal notation standards.

The Nashville Number System is 130 pages with a step by step method of how to write a Nashville number chart for any song. Included with each NNS book in Edition 7 is the cd, "String Of Pearls". This is a 10 song CD of instrumentals, including, Amazing Grace. Chas Williams walks you through the details of each song and explain the Number System tools used to write the charts. Now, while listening to the CD, you can see and hear how Nashville number charts work.

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Dan Formosa

A nice look at the way working musicians get around the complexity and limitations of traditional music notation—which is a god-awful example of information design.

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