Kaoru Takahashi Editor
PIE International, Tokyo, Japan, 2011, English
Nonfiction, Graphic Design
7 x 10 inches, hardcover, 192 pages, 500 illustrations
ISBN: 9784756240576
Suggested Retail Price: $75.00

From the Publisher. The concept of “less is more” has caught on more than ever with consumers seeking refinement and honesty in the products they see on the shelf. Organic and natural products now encompass everything people ingest or come into contact with: from milk, tea, and chocolates to cereals, laundry detergents, and cosmetics. Even the most modest of supermarkets now carry at least a few organic items, and the demand from consumers has also boosted the business of small retailers selling sustainable and organic products.The products featured in this book stand out among others for their considered and unique graphic design, often simple but suggesting honesty and integrity. Their dedication to the quality of their materials also carries over to their brand concepts and packaging. Generally avoiding excessive ornamentation, packaging instead often favors simple logos and color schemes that draw upon the good quality of their subject matter to create clearly defined concepts. This is also a way of encouraging confidence in the products themselves.New Eco-Style Graphics documents the trend of combining eco-consciousness with distinct graphic art: a trend that is becoming more and more visible around the world.

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