Andreas Koop
Hermann Schmidt, Mainz, Germany, 2012, German
Nonfiction, Graphic Design
ISBN: 9783874398152

From the Publisher. Seventy years after Kristallnacht it is still a tightrope walk to write a book on Nazi corporate identity. With objective detachment, Andreas Koop has been dealing with the design of power and the visual appearance of National Socialism in particular for years. In NSCI he soberly documents one of the best-rehearsed corporate identity roll-outs: social trends and the soil of “Blood and Soil,” the language and logo design, the media, organizational charts and groupings, uniforms, events and architecture and the symbols of power in writing, typography, and color. We can and must learn from the machinery of Gleichschaltung in all of the elements of the Corporate Identity of horror.

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Fritz Frenkler

A glance at history—showing what corporate design can bring out. This book should be a standard work for every communication designer: a critical examination of corporate design is crucial.

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