William Stout Publishers, San Francisco, CA, 1981, English
Nonfiction, Architecture

From the Publisher. Throughout history bridges have been a focus of legends of every civilization. Esthetes, philosophers and poets have used the bridge as a transcendent form. In this Pamphlet Steven Holl documents two projects. The first, from a 1979 competition proposal for Melbourne, Australia, is in the form of an ideal speculation. The second proposal, sited on a disused elevated rail link the Chelsea Area of Manhattan, is more pragmatic and focuses on a mix of housing types.

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Galia Solomonoff

I don’t have my copy of Pamphlet Architecture 7 (“Bridge of Houses”), but any time I can browse through a library, I go to it. I love the drawings, the clear sense of the High Line as envisioned by Steven in the 1980s before it was anyone’s dream! I love the modesty of this book, how true it is!

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