Irene Briggs
Raymond F. DaBoll
Bond Wheelwright Co., Freeport, ME, 1969, English
Nonfiction, Graphic Design
ISBN: 9780870271076

Irene Briggs DaBoll was a child singer on the Redpath Circuit during the 1890s and her memoir is relayed in calligraphic format by her husband. Further illustrations, photos, and antique advertisements grace this interesting and well-designed book.

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Alice Koeth

The milieu of Chautauqua is creatively presented as a grand stage production, crafting live theater and lively handwork. DaBoll’s talent for observation is an impressive performance, managed with the great skill of an accomplished calligrapher and appreciative observer of the theatrical whirling-about to give free rein for lively drawings.

Besides the theatrics, our interest is in the work of this master penman beautifully calligraphing the entire book. DaBoll’s mastery of the broad nib pen and his knowledgeable comments on calligraphy make this volume theatrics for graphic artists as well. Embellished with marginal sketches drawn with the same verve and broad nib pen it becomes an inspiration and challenge for all scribes. The volume contains 39 pages of notes on calligraphy and handwritten letters from other handwriting enthusiasts.

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