Takashi Homma
Korinsha, Kyoto, Japan, 1998, English and Japanese
Nonfiction, Urban Design
ISBN: 9784771303447

From the Publisher. Takashi Homma has here described the Japanese suburban landscape in the dispassionate style of the photographers of the New Topographic movement. Images of well manicured lawns and shrubbery among well tended houses, apartment blocks, and chain stores with no people show both the "everytown" quality of this way of living as well as the blandness inherent in that universality. Homma has also photographed schoolchildren who live in these suburbs, showing them as dismissive or dispassionate themselves, a product of their environment. Tokyo Suburbia contains essays on these and other qualities of Homma's work by Momoyo Kaijima and Shinji Miyadai. The book was designed by Yasukazu Arai and edited by Naoya Sasaki and Kyoko Wada.

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Florian Idenburg

This book drew me to post-bubble Japan. To the innocent, the personal.

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