Jane Addams
University of Illinois Press, Urbana, 1990; originally published 1910, English
Nonfiction, Urban Design
ISBN: 9780252061073

From the Publisher. Published in 1910, this was Addams's most successful book; 80,000 copies were sold before her death in 1935. This annotated edition was issued on the occasion of the Hull-House centennial. "Twenty Years at Hull-House is an indispensable classic of American intellectual and social history, and remains a rich source of provocative social theory. Jane Addams was both an activist of courage and 'a thinker of originality and daring.' Her life and writings exemplify the integration of social thought and action. Addams and her associates at Hull-House had wide-ranging influence not only on the key reform movements of their time but also on major currents of philosophical, sociological, and political thought. Filled with careful empirical observations, reflections on everyday life, accounts of practical action, and prescriptions for public policy, this small volume also embodies such important theoretical contributions as 'The Necessity of Social Settlement,' 'A Decade of Economic Discussion,' 'Tolstoyism,' and 'Problems of Poverty.' Long acclaimed for its autobiographical and historical value, Twenty Years at Hull-House should be read today as much for its enduring insights, critical analyses, and persuasive vision."--Bernice A. Carroll, editor of Liberating Women's History: Theoretical and Critical Essays.

Introduction and notes by James Hurt.

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Matali Crasset

My interest in Jane Addams was born after an exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago where I discovered her work, including Hull House, which is the expression of Addams’s social thought and political action. I am very interested in any social thought that has been developed in parallel with the industrial revolution, at a time when the word “design” came to be constructed, and when thinkers including Thomas More and Charles More proposed alternative social models—utopias. It seems to me that the same questions now inspire us, society offers the same choices. This is not a matter of nostalgia, but rather a reflection on what seems to be a fundamental issue.

Mon intérêt pour Jane Addams est né à la suite d'un exposition à Chicago à l'Art Institute ou j'ai découvert son oeuvre et notamment les Hull house, qui sont l'expression de sa pensée sociale et de son action politique. Jane Addams exprime mon vif intérêt pour la pensée social. Je suis très intéressée par toute la pensée sociale qui a été developpé en parallèle de la révolution industrielle, au même moment où le mot design se construit et où des penseurs, citons Thomas More, Charles More… s'interrogent sur la société et proposent d'autres modèles - des utopies - ; il me semble que les mêmes questionnements nous animent actuellement, les mêmes choix se sociétés se proposent. Il ne s'agit pas d'ici de nostalgie, mais au contraire réfléchir sur ce noeud qui me semble fondamental.

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