viction:ary, Hong Kong, China, 2012, English
Nonfiction, Graphic Design
7 x 9.6 inches, paperback, 288 pages
ISBN: 9789881943996
Suggested Retail Price: $40.00

From the Publisher. Letters and words are the most efficient way to talk. The great demand for quick and effective communication has challenged designers’ to create innovative expressions in words, phrases, and letterforms.

From digital type to three-dimensional installations, Typoholic is a thorough review of modern type-making that go to the core of communication itself. In two separate sections, the book introduces more than 40 new illustrative and animated type families that come in a narrative package of alphabets, numbers, and punctuation symbols, followed by 200 colorful pages of ad-hoc projects featuring custom type designs such as logo marks, campaign installations, and editorial art. The book highlights how meanings of words and phrases multiply when typography meets design, handwork, photography, performance art, and illustrations that individually convert the process of reading into a unique experience that one can embrace, encounter, touch, and explore.

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