Axel Thallemer
Jens Reese
ARNOLDSCHE Art Publishers, Stuttgart, Germany, 2010, English
Nonfiction, Product/Industrial Design
8.3 x 9.8 inches, paperback, 240 pages, 235 illustrations
ISBN: 9783897903135
Suggested Retail Price: $70.00

From the Publisher. Creativity and dealing with it. In this publication, pure creativity techniques are elucidated in connection with artefacts that are as far as possible non-utilitarian and free of associations. In the tautarc spanning the gap between the rigid and inanimate and the animate and mobile, a systematic methodology is presented for breaking out of the usual creativity patterns. The moment of creativity is analysed in rational terms so that those seeking inspiration are provided with a step-by-step procedure for generating object ideas in case they have been looking for it in vain.

In the process, the boundaries between the applied, the fine and the performing arts are blurred on the plane of creativity. Principles and similarities are presented in examples such as artefacts for a ballet on Bach’s preludes and fugues. And also in the confrontation of attempted non-associative and sculptural design. Digital fabrication by robot makes possible virtual modeling in the H65tactile third dimension. Time, as the fourth dimension, attempts to express associatively the irreversibility of its progress. In the ideal case, the aesthetic whole is formed in action and time, which directly interlink what is right and what is aesthetically satisfying.

In this publication artistic objects are presented as “articulating function” in the process of self-organisation, the quintessence of creativity, work methods and trigger events in design processes. An ideas bonanza.

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