Academy Editions, London, 1994, English
Nonfiction, Architecture
ISBN: 9783433024782

From the Publisher. This title offers insights into the work of Ian Ritchie Architects and provides an exploration into the design process. Ritchie describes the way in which his firm approaches architectural design and the execution of each project. Throughout the book, a diverse range of projects illustrates the different aspects encountered by architecture, urban planning, landscape design, civil and structural engineering and industrial design. Among the various examples cited, of particular interest are the glass facades of the Museum of Science and Technology in La Villette (Paris) which clearly manifests Ritchie's intense preoccupation with light, "the essential material of architecture". "Well connected architecture" demonstrates how a better, more valid and flexible architecture can be achieved by access to scientific and technical knowledge, by interdisciplinary approaches and by a greater awareness of social and ecological issues.

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