Brian Eno
Faber & Faber, London, 1996, English
Nonfiction, General
ISBN: 9780571179954

From the Publisher. "I've never succeeded in keeping a diary past the 6th of January before (so I know a lot about the early Januaries of my life), but at the end of 1994 I made a resolution to keep one for 1995. When I started I had no intention at all of publishing it. It wasn't until mid-October that I started to think that, with its mishmash of ideas, observations, admirations, speculations and grumbles, I might be able to make it a book.

The diary also covers four recording projects caught at different times in their evolution. The project with James (whose 'Laid' and 'Wah Wah' albums I'd produced two years earlier); the David Bowie project which became 'Outside the Passengers' record; a collaboration between members of U2 and myself with occasional visitors. And :Spinner," which was based on a soundtrack I'd made for Derek Jarman's last film.

Of course, a lot of these entries were written after a day's work, and workdays can be good or bad. The good ones produce a glow of congratulation, the bad ones a frenzy of recrimination. As a result some of my best friends - those people with whom I work most closely - occasionally come in for my grumblings. I assume they'll ignore them as usual." (Brian Eno)

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Stefan Sagmeister

A wonderful diary about someone who figured out how to live a truly full life.

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