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McNally Jackson is an independent bookstore in New York City. We aspire to be the center of Manhattan’s literary culture: witness our events, our two floors of books, our engaged staff. Not to mention our bustling café, because what, after all, is reading without coffee? Yes, we arrange our literature by nation, but we’ll be glad to help if you find yourself lost amongst the Europeans. (We sell travel guides, too.)

You can’t be the center of any kind of culture without being online. Whatever your bookish preference—e or otherwise—you can now shop McNally Jackson from home. Start searching at the top of your screen, or have a look at what we recommend. We deliver throughout Manhattan and will happily ship anywhere in the country. Elsewhere, you can reblog us on tumblr, friend us on facebook, and follow us on twitter.

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Best-Selling Design Books (January)


CLOG: Sci-Fi Add to My Reading List

Kyle May et al., Editors

As science fiction continues to both draw upon historic and contemporary architecture while simultaneously influencing future design, it is time to critically examine the improbable made possible: SCI-FI.


Design as Art Add to My Reading List

Bruno Munari

This enlightening and highly entertaining book sets out Bruno Munari’s ideas about visual, graphic and industrial design and the role it plays in the objects we use and encounter everyday, including lamps, road signs, typography, posters, children’s books, advertising, cars and chairs.


The Nature of Urban Design Add to My Reading List

Alexandros Washburn

Alexandros Washburn shows how a well-designed city can be the most efficient, equitable, safe, and enriching place on earth. This book provides a framework for participating in the process of change and will inspire and inform anyone who cares about cities.


Dogma: 11 Projects Add to My Reading List

Pier Vittorio Aureli et al.

Mobilizing and reinvigorating both drawing and text — the quintessential tools of architecture — these 11 projects from the Dogma Studio range from speculative and theoretical proposals to investigations that question today's modes of housing.


AA Words 2: Anti-Object Add to My Reading List

Kengo Kuma

An "object" is a work of architecture that is expressly designed for maximum isolation. While not exclusive to any particular architectural style, objects have been the organizing principle for many modernist and postmodernist works.

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