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Pro qm is a thematic bookstore in Berlin-Mitte, founded in 1999. The thematic emphasis is on the urban and its links to politics, pop culture, economic critique, architecture, design, art, and related issues. The bookshop holds frequent events at its location and contributes to exhibitions and conferences. Since its foundation Pro qm has established itself internationally as a specialized bookstore and venue for interdisciplinary debates concerning the city, architectural theory, and artistic practice.

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Best-Selling Design Books (January)


What is the Future of Architecture? Vol. 2 Add to My Reading List

Pieterjan Grandry

What is the Future of Architecture? Vol. 2 aims to capture an image. Going through the answers, we can say there are some recurring assumptions, a red line weaving its way through the book.


Manifesto Architecture Add to My Reading List

Beatriz Colomina

In the third book in the Critical Spatial Practice series, Beatriz Colomina traces the history of the modern architecture manifesto, with particular focus on Mies van der Rohe, and the play between the written and built work.


Visualizing Information for Advocacy Add to My Reading List

Tactical Technology Collective

Tactical Tech has written a book, Visualising Information for Advocacy, exploring how to influence issues using the right combination of information, design, technologies and networks.


Domes, Arches and Minarets Add to My Reading List

Phil Pasquini

This noteworthy book traces the over 200-year history and development of Islamic-inspired architecture in America from the earliest Spanish-Moorish buildings constructed in the 1700s to the more contemporary buildings of the 21st century.


Isotype Add to My Reading List

Christopher Burke Editor
Eric Kindel Editor
Sue Walker Editor

The work in graphic communication carried out by Otto Neurath and his associates – now commonly known simply as Isotype – has been the subject of much interest in recent years.

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