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Books Every Product Designer Should Read

As the field of design becomes ever more complex, reaching into increasingly diverse areas of practice, designers are arming themselves with an expanded toolbox of methodologies and approaches in an effort to create projects that defy traditional disciplinary boundaries and more effectively speak to contemporary modes of practice and ways of living. . . . View the complete text
4 books
Janine M. Benyus

Nature—its forms, structures, and organizing principles—has been a constant source of inspiration for designers bent on transforming and rethinking our built environment. The level of experimentation around this theme has intensified in recent years as more ambitious modeling software, digital tools, and greater collaborations with scientists and biologists have afforded a greater range of possibilities in the exploration of the relationship of human beings with the environment. This book, along with Nature Design—although very different—explores how designers and other innovators are striving to create work that relies on direct contact with our natural surroundings.

Victor Papanek

Victor Papanek’s belief that designers should not purely mine the realm of design discourse for inspiration, but should create work that responds to the contemporary sociological, psychological, or ecological environment seems more relevant than ever in today’s challenging times.

Steven Johnson

A clear analysis of how technology has transformed how we interact with and understand the world through a network of thoughts and ideas.

Angeli Sachs Editor

See my comments on Biomimicry.

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