Zoë Ryan

Curator; Academic; Writer; Editor; Lecturer / Architecture; Product Design / United States / The Art Institute of Chicago

Books Every Product Designer Should Read

As the field of design becomes ever more complex, reaching into increasingly diverse areas of practice, designers are arming themselves with an expanded toolbox of methodologies and approaches in an effort to create projects that defy traditional disciplinary boundaries and more effectively speak to contemporary modes of practice and ways of living. . . . View the complete text
2 books
Alex Coles

Seminal texts such as George Nelson’s 1957 article “Good Design: What Is It For?” as well as more recent writings from critics such as Rick Poynor and Hal Foster make for interesting insights into the contentious relationship between art and design.

Janet Abrams Editor
Peter Hall Editor

Any discussion today of private and public spaces must include not only the design of buildings, objects, and the physical landscape but also the increased influence of data flows that run through them. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in new forms of mapping and data visualization.

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