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Alexa Hampton’s Book List

I have always been a big reader. My tastes are far-ranging—from police procedurals to history to biography and even chick lit.

15 books
Sigmund Freud

I love this book and it had a huge influence on my academic life.

Allan Bloom

Great political philosopher writing about morality and ethics.

Michel Foucault

I love reading theory. Whether or not one agrees, theory usually contains great creative thinking.

Robert K. Massie

Another all-time favorite. The World Wars are so unbelievable to me that I love reading about them and Massie is an excellent author. He just published a biography of Catherine the Great. I cannot wait to read it!

Nick Hornby


Nancy Mitford

What’s better than Nancy Mitford writing fiction? Nancy Mitford’s historical biographies.

Michel Foucault

See my comments on Discipline and Punish by Michel Foucault.

David McCullough

This writer makes everything interesting.

William Manchester

Among my all-time favorite books. Churchill is so colorful and fascinating

William Manchester

See my comments on The Last Lion: Winston Spencer Churchill, Alone 1932–1940 by William Manchester.

Joan Smith

A fascinating book of essays on the topic of misogyny. A terrific read despite the gloomy subject.

Edmund Morris

Along with Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt is my historical hero. This book—along with Theodore Rex—also by Edmund Morris, is amazing.

Winston Churchill

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that this man, who has such an amazing command of the written language, was doing anything else besides writing. He’s incredible.

Edmund Morris

See my comments on The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris.

David McCullough

I think we all love this book, along with John Adams, also by David McCullough.

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