Craig Hodgetts

Architect; Graphic Designer / United States / Hodgetts + Fung Architecture and Design

Craig Hodgetts’s Book List

I look to writers, especially those who deal with the form of writing itself, to open doors to the infinite number of ways to structure and assess the world, and particularly the processes and concepts that animate and motivate us as humans. I don’t look at them as “source books” but rather as indicators of how one might think about and relate to the incredibly diverse surroundings with which we interact on a daily basis. I am at heart an eclectic individual, with an appetite for nearly everything I encounter, so this list is likewise eclectic and unstructured.

1 book
McMaster-Carr Company

Catalogues have a remarkable appeal to me. Perhaps it’s the regimented, absolutely even-handed manner in which the goods are displayed, or the detailed facts that are appended to each entry, including metrics, materials, and applications. McMaster-Carr is a triumph of the form, from its wafer-thin paper to its sturdy binding, which has withstood thousands upon thousands of openings, and its micro-yet-legible typeface.

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