Craig Hodgetts

Architect; Graphic Designer / United States / Hodgetts + Fung Architecture and Design

Craig Hodgetts’s Book List

I look to writers, especially those who deal with the form of writing itself, to open doors to the infinite number of ways to structure and assess the world, and particularly the processes and concepts that animate and motivate us as humans. I don’t look at them as “source books” but rather as indicators of how one might think about and relate to the incredibly diverse surroundings with which we interact on a daily basis. I am at heart an eclectic individual, with an appetite for nearly everything I encounter, so this list is likewise eclectic and unstructured.

1 book
Samuel Beckett

This novel is dedicated in its entirety to the bumbling, often obsessive circumstances of its protagonist and shares, with Beckett’s other works, a profound, unvarnished view of the human condition in all of its absurd self-involvement. Appealing both for its formal structure and for its demonstration of how much can be accomplished within very narrow boundaries, Watt is an inspiration to the creative artist who hits a dead end, but just keeps on slogging ahead.

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