Donald Norman

Critic; Writer; Lecturer / Product Design / United States / Nielsen Norman Group

Donald Norman’s Book List

Whenever I put together a list of recommended books, I invariably fall prey to the problem described by Barry Schwartz in his book The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less—I include too many books, providing too many choices. Here is a simplified list of titles focusing on interaction and experience design, with apologies to my many friends whose important and useful works I still value but in the interest of less is more had to be trimmed.

2 books
Vijay Kumar

Vijay Kumar's book 101 Design Methods an excellent compendium and structured guide to the use of the many methods of design research.

Modern designers like to characterize their work as providing deep insight into the fundamentals of problems, going far beyond the popular conception of design as making things pretty. Designers emphasize this aspect of their profession by discussing the special way in which they approach problems, a method they have characterized as “Design Thinking.” This book is a good introduction to that concept. Brown is CEO of IDEO and Katz an IDEO Fellow.

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