Emanuela Frattini Magnusson

Architect; Interior Designer; Product/Industrial Designer / United States / Bloomberg LP; EFM Design

Emanuela Frattini Magnusson’s Book List

My list is extremely eclectic, but also very “loyal.” Favorites have remained as such throughout the years, and have never been replaced—they just have become part of an ever-growing list. They are selected both for content and for the love of paper and typography.

A few titles relate to my profession, but most of them don’t. As I was reflecting on this exercise and trying to be selective, the distant and recent thoughts that made it to the top emerged as a sampling of my cultural roots cross-pollinated with my interests. Nowadays my reading ambitions exceed available time. I am a mostly analog and an occasional (reluctant) e-book reader.

2 books
Bruno Munari

Both this title and Nella Notte Buia (In the Darkness of the Night) are my earliest childhood book memories. My father bought them for the family, and they were very fragile and to be treated with the greatest care. They sparked my love of paper with their printed vellum pages and perforated and cut-out cardboard inserts that progressively revealed the next layer of the story. I still own them.

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