Sagi Haviv

Graphic Designer / United States / Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv

Sagi Haviv’s Book List

3 books
Alan Watts

The great virtue of this book is that it dissects how we’ve been trained to view life and reality in a way that both exposes the fault lines and empowers you to think anew. I aspire to be that daring when it comes to thinking independently.

Amos Oz

Growing up in Israel, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict was the most complex issue of my childhood. This book affirmed my view that it’s okay not to know who is right and who is wrong in this conflict, which by extension questions the very notion of a universal right and wrong.


The author sails above common “spirituality” and delivers an existential view of life that is both heads and shoulders above average high-minded notions on the topic and utterly liberating and delicious to consider on a personal level.

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