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This Book Is . . . Dangerous

. . . so we created a unique display stand, specially engineered to show off the Bolted Book while accommodating the bolts.

February 19, 2019

“This book is . . . DANGEROUS (pericoloso): can be used as a projectile”! These words of warning from the publisher of Fortunato Depero’s Bolted Book, Fedele Azari, are recorded on one of the opening pages.

 Azari goes on to declare the book “UNCLASSIFIABLE: cannot be placed alongside other books in the library.”

This Book Is Dangerous: A Display Stand Custom-Designed for the Bolted Book from Designers & Books on Vimeo.

Depero himself had envisioned his book, which the publisher described as “mechanical,” and “bolted like an engine,” resting on a pillow on a reader’s lap, to cushion the bolts. For our facsimile edition, we came up with a contemporary solution: a specially commissioned display stand, engineered to accommodate the book’s two metal bolts.

  • The stand, crafted in Italy out of birch playwood, can display the book upright on a bookshelf or flat on a tabletop, and protects your other books or surfaces from being damaged by the bolts. It folds up flat when not in use.

On our Kickstarter for the 2nd printing of the Bolted Book, the stand is available as part of the “Complete 3-Piece Set,” offered at the Early Backer #2 price of $170 through February 28 ($175 thereafter, through the end of the Kickstarter campaign on March 19). The set includes the facsimile, the accompanying Reader’s Guide, and the display stand.

You can also get the display stand alone for $40 (plus shipping) through February 19 ($60 thereafter, through the end of the Kickstarter campaign on March 19).


 Visit the Kickstarter for the Bolted Book, 2nd Printing: http://bit.ly/bolted-book-2019


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