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By Jens Martin Skibsted September 4, 2013

I don’t totally agree that products are just cultural artifacts, but I agree that they are cultural artifacts. Best post-millennium book on branding.

By Jorge Silvetti February 26, 2014

How an author makes fiction a normal part of his life.

By Jorge Silvetti October 28, 2013

A brilliant reading of the city as a construction of culture and a form of collective memory that exposes the poverty of most current planning ideologies.

By Inga Sempé August 7, 2013

One thing can be regarded as ugly after having been considered a masterpiece.

By Stefan Sagmeister May 18, 2015

Ladislav Sutnar is the most under-appreciated giant in design.

By Stefan Sagmeister February 3, 2014

Many of our ideas were aided by the techniques discussed in this book.

By Stefan Sagmeister October 17, 2013

A wonderful diary about someone who figured out how to live a truly full life.

By Richard Sachs November 25, 2013

More than any other maker whose works I’ve become aware of, I always come back to a fantasy that includes making my bicycles with the skill and humility with which Jimmy D’Aquisto made his guitars.

By Witold Rybczynski December 19, 2013

Pre-dates the descent into obfuscatory jargon that bedevils most theoretical texts. Still a stimulating read, even if the movement it helped to launch—postmodernism—fizzled out.

By Witold Rybczynski October 1, 2013

If you never took Scully’s course at Yale, or had the privilege of hearing him lecture, this book is a good substitute.