Jeff Potter
O’Reilly, Sebastopol, CA/Beijing, 2010, English; published 2011 in Japanese
Design, General
ISBN: 9780596805883

Why do we cook the way we do? Are you the innovative type, used to expressing your creativity instead of just following directions? Do you want to learn more about cooking or are curious about the science behind what happens to food as it cooks? More than just a cookbook, Cooking for Geeks applies your curiosity to discovery, inspiration, and invention in the kitchen. Why is medium-rare steak so popular? Why do we bake some things at 350°F/175°C and others at 375°F/190°C? And how quickly does a pizza cook if we overclock an oven to 1,000°F/540°C? Jeff Potter provides the answers to these questions and more, including recipes, interviews, and experiments.

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