Pauline Johnson
University of Washington Press, Seattle, 1958, English
Design, General

Complete illustrated instructions for making an almost limitless variety of imaginative paper objects — masks, hats, baskets, greeting cards, party decorations, costumes, Christmas decorations, even mobile sculptures. Over 470 photographs and 560 diagrams and illustrations. "There is no doubt that this is the best manual on paperfolding designs available today." — Display World.

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Todd Oldham

This extraordinary book is in its millionth (almost) printing since the late 1940s. The covers have gotten a bit sad during the reprints, but the inside remains the same. This is as if Rod Serling had made craft books. The pictures are so beautiful and scary, and that is enough reason to enjoy this great book, but the detailed projects are all fascinating. You will never look at paper the same way again.

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