Silke Krohn Editor
Gestalten, Berlin, 2012, English
Nonfiction, Art and Cultural History
10.8 x 8.4 inches, paperback, 332 pages, color illustrations
ISBN: 9783899554601
Suggested Retail Price: $75.00

From the Publisher. Sergei Sviatchenko’s work leaves viewers in a state of satisfied confusion. The Ukrainian-Danish artist’s intent and message might not be immediately clear or understandable, but his images still click with their viewers—like dreams.

In the world of contemporary art, Sviatchenko is a provocateur. He draws on and harnesses all of the cultural tides he has experienced in 40 years of image-making. Sviatchenko’s oeuvre spans the known and the unimaginable. It cuts through the boundaries of traditional and contemporary visuals to merge pop culture with politics, personal memory with collective histories, and architecture and science with the logic of dreams.

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