The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1974-81, English
Design, General
ISBN: 9780262041232

A set of ready references (three volumes, each furnished with 3 two-sided pictorial selectors with rotary dials and appropriate accompanying manuals) for use by designers in many fields: engineers, architects, industrial designers, interior designers, furniture designers and craftsmen. Humanscale is dedicated to understanding people—their physical attributes, abilities, and limitations. It incorporates an extensive amount of human engineering data compiled and organized by Henry Dreyfuss Associates over a period of more than 35 years. The three volumes are divided as follows: vol. 1/2/3. 1. Sizes of people. 2. Seating considerations. 3. Requirements for the handicapped and elderly; vol. 4/5/6. 4. Human strength and safety. 5. Controls and displays. 6. Designing for people; vol. 7/8/9. 7. Standing and sitting at work. 8. Space planning for the individual and the public. 9. Access for maintenance, stairs, light, and color.

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