László Moholy-Nagy
W. W. Norton, New York, 1938, English
Nonfiction, Architecture; Design, General
7.75 x 10.25 inches, hardcover, 208 pages, 221 black-and-white photographs and illustrations

From Modernism 101. Expands upon Moholy-Nagy’s 1928 treatise "The New Vision" (originally published as Bauhausbuch 14). Moholy’s treatise on modern design was intended to inform laymen and artists about the basic elements of Bauhaus education and the merging of theory and design. This volume also served as a remarkably effective self-promotional tool as Moholy-Nagy tried to reestablish the Bauhaus in Chicago as the New Bauhaus, and subsequently as the Institute of Design.

On list of 9 Books from the Good Design Movement.

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