Peter Papademetriou
Yale University School of Art and Architecture, New Haven, CT, 1969, English
Nonfiction, Architecture

Perspecta: The Yale Architectural Journal is the oldest student-edited architectural journal in the United States. Issue no. 12, edited by Peter C. Papademetriou and Stuart Wrede, includes written contributions by Shadrach Woods, Alex Tzonis, Melvin Charney, Julian Beinart, Frances Piven, Harry Quintana, Charles Jones, C. Richard Hatch, Pat Goeters, Robert Venturi, Bruce Adams, Denise Scott Brown, Emilio Ambasz, Alan Colquhoun, Kenneth Frampton, Allan Greenberg, Antonio Hernandez, Ben Brewster, and Walter Benjamin.

On 1 book list
James Biber

The first complete study of the Maison de Verre by Pierre Chareau, written by Kenneth Frampton. Plus Alan Colquhoun on typology, Allan Greenberg on Lutyens, Walter Benjamin on Paris, Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, and Emilio Ambasz, all wrapped in a black debossed Pirelli Tile pattern. Need I say more?

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