D. W. Winnicott
Routledge Classics, Oxford, UK, 2005 (2nd edition); originally published 1971, English
Nonfiction, General
ISBN: 9780415345460:

From the Publisher. What are the origins of creativity and how can we develop it—whether within ourselves or in others? Not only does Playing and Reality address these questions, it also tackles many more that surround the fundamental issue of the individual self and its relationship with the outside world. In this landmark book of 20th-century psychology, Winnicott shows the reader how, through the attentive nurturing of creativity from the earliest years, every individual has the opportunity to enjoy a rich and rewarding cultural life.

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Alberto Alessi
Winnicott's theory of transitional phenomena and transitional objects enlightened my understanding of design as play and as a new form of contemporary art.
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