Ettore Sottsass
Adelphi, Milan, 2010, Italian
Nonfiction, Product/Industrial Design
ISBN: 9788845925047

From the Publisher. The plans, drawings, objects produced by Italian architect Ettore Sottsass (1917–2007), create the story of an amazing life—a story that Sottsass would write in fragments the near the end of his life, detailing, in seemingly capricious order and in a wry, ironic voice, his early years in Austria, arrival in Turin, the World War II years, and his postwar activities in Milan and the U.S. where he helped it usher in a new phase of contemporary design.

On 3 book lists
Alberto Alessi

Not only one of the best designers, but also one of the best storytellers. This recent autobiography (which translates as “Written at Night”) reminds us that a designer is also a man with a poetic sensibility.

Cleto Munari
Marco Romanelli

I didn’t love Ettore Sottsass when I met him in the beginning of his postmodern period. He was my furniture design professor in my master’s in design program and he never considered the possibility of a student designing in “another way.” But I have always thought that his way of writing about life in design was exceptional. Here is the secret: there is no difference between life and design for a real designer!

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