Alberto Alessi

Writer; Executive / Product Design / Italy / Alessi S.p.A.

Books Every Product Designer Should Read

My position is that a designer is—or should be—first a poet. For that reason the books I have listed refer to a wide spectrum of human activity. They can be especially helpful and interesting to read for almost all activities having to do with creating products (industrial products) in our society of consumption.

4 books
Alessandro Mendini

My main maestro. A personal memories book. “Goodbye Architecture” shows Mendini’s primary interest in anthropology, but related to design and architecture.

Aldo Rossi

Aldo was one of my maestros when I was much younger. A good thinker. He brought a strong poetic approach to the discipline of architecture, opening that angle of view to product designers. His Nietzschean thinking made his life too short. I particularly like the picture with his daughter Vera on the bridge at Lake Mergozzo in northern Italy.

A text that influenced a generation of architects and designers, opening the door to a deeper consciousness of our profession.

Charles Jencks

This book expanded my view of contemporary architecture and prompted my experiments with translating some of the issues raised into industrial design.

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