Susan Weber

Curator; Academic; Writer; Editor / Interior Design / United States / Bard Graduate Center: Decorative Arts, Design History, Material Culture

Books Every Interior Designer Should Read

All my life, I’ve been “into” interior design in one way or another. It began with looking at the so-called shelter magazines, moved on to watching my mother make decorative choices for our home, to deciding in college that this was an area that went beyond “pretty” and revealed unsuspected facets about my world. To discover, explore, and try to understand the cultural meanings of what would become to be known as material culture would become the governing intellectual passion of my adult life. . . . View the complete text
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Pat Kirkham Editor

Published by the Bard Graduate Center (BGC) in conjunction with its landmark exhibition in 2000–2001. Edited by Pat Kirkham, a member of the BGC faculty, this truly groundbreaking study examines a broad range of women designers, from the most famous (Ray Eames, Florence Knoll, Donna Karan) to those anonymous women who worked in many different fields, including textiles, graphics, ceramics, furniture, fashion, and jewelry and contributed to 20th-century American culture.

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